East Hanover NJ Community Emergency Response Team Est. 2009

Weather Alerts & Messages

East Hanover NJ Weather Bulletins From The National Weather Service

Severe Weather Alerts - East Hanover Township, NJ

Instructions to all residents during Winter/Summer Storms:

1) Should there be a loss of power or heat report the outage to the East Hanover Police Dept. 973-887-0432 and ask the officer to request possible assistance for you from EHOEM if you can not shelter in your home due to the cold or Heat.

2) Warming/Cooling/Charging Centers for cell phones and/or Shelters will be opened by Mayor Pannullo and EHOEM as needed.

3) All residents are reminded to report to EHPD any downed power or telephone wires.

4) Everyone must stay away from any downed wires. Always treat them regardless of type as "Live" to avoid injury from electrocution.

5) Stay situationally aware by listening to local news media outlets or NOAA all hazards radio.

6) The East Hanover reverse 911 system will be used by Mayor Pannullo to keep residents advised of important information.

7) All residents should be able to sustain themselves for 72 hours with emergency supplies including: Battery Operated Radio, Flashlights, Batteries, Water, Food, and any Required Medications.

8) Any residents with special needs or emergencies requiring assistance due to the storm should contact EHPD at 973-887-0432.

9) The East Hanover Office Of Emergency Mgmt in concert with Mayor Pannullo, the Township Council, and our partner municipal agencies (EHPD, EHFD, EHFAS, & EHDPW) will monitor storm conditions and take any appropriate actions required.

10) Any residents using generators during the storm are reminded to adhere to proper safety practices. Do not run generators indoors or in garages where Carbon Monoxide can cause death or injury. Use proper practices when fueling generators and storing gasoline for the generator "Only Used Approved Gas Cans!"

11) In Winter Months Do not venture on to the ice covered Whippany or Passaic Rivers. Should you observe anyone or any pets stranded on the ice call the EHPD and do not attempt rescue on your own.

12) Homes with newer construction have gas exhaust vents for Furnaces, Water Heaters and Clothes Dryers on an outside wall 3 feet above ground level. When snow and drifting snow reaches 3 feet or more those vents need to be kept clear of snow and ice so that you maintain heat and do not have issues with Carbon Monoxide entering your home.

Mayor Panullo and the East Hanover Office of Emergency Management will utilize the East Hanover Emergency Notification System to phone residents , schools and business partners of any significant updates during a severe weather event. Everyone is reminded to stay alert by listening to local news media outlets for situational awareness. Make a Plan, Build a Kit, Stay Informed!